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Created 2-Mar-10
Modified 10-May-15
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A collection of BeautySuspended photos dedicated to Muscovy Ducks... beautiful, intelligent, friendly birds... loving and lovable.

Most of these pictures are taken of the wild Muscovy Ducks who live on the lake in my backyard or come by for a visit.

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Muscovy Mama on Mothers DayMama Muscovy LovePortrait of a Precious Peep-peepDesireAchievementWant It badly? Reach For It.Cuteness in Close-upSleepy Baby DuckPinta and LimpyPretty Big Baby DuckThe Duck Armada has LaunchedBegging For CheeriosBabies on the LakeMuscovy Duck BathMajestic MuscovyDon't mess with Maurice.Brand New BabiesHungry MamaProud Mama TessNatural Mama