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Created 28-Nov-10
Modified 13-Jul-12
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With arms wide open... exploring the panoramic world.

The beauty expands. The only limits are that of our perception.

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A Room with a View, July 2012Sarasota Sunset Panorama (HDR)Sarasota Sunset PanoramaParty View PanoramaA Room With A View (B&W)A Room With A View (B&W)Sunset Over the Gulf in PanoramaSunset Hues in Brass and BluesShimmering WideNature's PyrotechnicsWeb of Shadows in a Crimson SkyGreen Cay in PanoramaThe Lake at DuskLiquid DramaSunset SereneLava Lamp SunsetThe Spectacle Begins...The Spectacle Begins IIBrillianceBrilliance II