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Dream... The Birth of a Butterfly (original music by Luna Jade)

Does a caterpillar dream of being a butterfly as it sleeps in its cocoon, visualizing its transformation?

Our dreams give us the gift of flight, planting the seeds of our own metamorphosis... if we just dare to dream them.

~ Luna

Music: "Dream" by Luna Jade

The Video: A Monarch butterfly emerges from the confines of its cocoon... the video captures its move through the last stages of metamorphosis from earthbound caterpillar to delicate creature of flight.

I shot this video footage early one morning, quickly setting up upon realizing the cocoon was 'ready' and the birth was about to commence. I shot still photos while the video captured the beauty as it unfolded (link below). What a gift it was to experience!

Photos of the birth:

Video, music, photos by Luna Jade

words and music by Luna Jade

Reach into the corners of your mind
Tell me now what do you see?
Is it all you hoped that you would find?
Is it who you hoped you'd be?

There's a truth in the dark
A way through the madness
Let the fear in your heart
Fall away, fall away

And Dream
Ride on the winds of the silence
You'll see
Why not just dream all your sadness away

Turn the lantern inward on your soul
let the filters fall away
Breathe into the peace, you'll become whole
let your spirit lead the way

There's a hope in the dark
a key to forgiveness
Let the pain in your heart
drift away, drift away

And Dream
Ride on the winds of the silence
You'll see
Why there's no need for the sadness

Fly on the wings of forgiveness
Just Dream
Fly on and dream all your sadness away

© 2009 Luna Jade